Who Am I • Casting Crowns • New Cover Song

Who Am I v4

“Who Am I” is a song recorded by Christian Rock band Casting Crowns written by Mark Hall. Lead singer Hall had the idea for the song while he was driving home with his wife and kids one night and was contemplating “Who am I to think I can call up to God whenever I want…?” He was wondering about how God could be always on call to him and others, and who exactly was he to be expecting this and receiving this?

Who are we? God’s creations? Conquerers? Vapors in the wind? Grass that rises up–here today and gone tomorrow? Read more on Hall’s Billboard Hot Christian Songs-topping pop rock and contemporary ballad on wikipedia. Bethlehem’s praise band The Messengers plans to cover “Who Am I” in March, 2016 and hopes this Song-of-the-Year and Worship-Song-of-the-Year-nominee are a powerful addition to Sunday’s Contemporary Service line-up (starting typically at 10:30 a.m.) at The Well in the Bethlehem Community Ministry Center (BCMC).

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