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Bethlehem Event Plan

SUBMIT PLAN TO BOOK BETHLEHEM! Bethlehem buildings/rooms/kitchen/churchyard/parking lot/resources may be reserved for select Events. Event Planners submit your Event Plan months prior to your Event for review/denial/approval. You want a successful Event. So do we. Many Event activities take months. Examples: Book Venue, Publicize, Make Lawn Signs, Book Electronic Signs.

EXPERIENCED PLANNERS: You will have comprehensive written Event Plans using time-tested templates or project management software, timelines, reports and charts. You may submit these. Or you may use this simplified online Bethlehem Event Plan.

ROOKIE EVENT PLANNERS: You may use this helpful, simplified online Event Planning form. Each section will help you plan each part of your Event and maximize its success. Each section has hints, tips and examples which Rookie (and Veteran) Planners may read to help avoid common Event mistakes and disasters.

SUBMIT PLAN TODAY! If you are new to Event Plans, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Like a bride planning her first Event (Wedding), start VERY EARLY. Even an 18-year-old Event Planner knows to book her venue 12 months in advance if her event is important to her. She may feel like she's inundated with a lot of questions but she will complete her Food Plan, Decorations Plan, Gifts/Keepsake Plan, Publicity Plan, Invitations/Registration Plan, Photo/Video Plan, Guests Plan/Count, Music Plan and much more 6 to 12 months before her event. She may know everything. She may need help. She knows she risks someone else booking "her" venue, band, etc. She knows a reception with no cake would be a problem. She risks no/late invitations, no guests, no bridesmaids gifts, no flowers, and a failed wedding/reception if she wings it or waits. Do you want 100, 250 or 1K guests at your event and raving about it afterwards? Or do you want a trickle of guests who leave frustrated or disappointed?

THINK LIKE A BRIDE! Or a parent lining up games, cake, decorations, entertainment and more at baby's first birthday. Or high schoolers planning a dance. Or a golfer planning a 100-golfer outing. Or a business owner drafting an advertising plan. They all do it with no training. You can too! Sweat the details. Write 'em down. Have full/documented plans. Share with your teams. Have written backup plans. You WILL need one or three of them!

OVERWHELMED? NEED HELP? Pick an experienced Event Planning mentor. Use experts. For example, PR Team can help boost attendance if your only Publicity Experience is sending out 250 wedding, graduation or birthday invitations and none were advertised on the radio or in the paper. Don't wait until you have all the answers. You don't want to find the church booked for a wedding the day of your event.

START TODAY! BOOK BETHLEHEM! Submit your Event Plan TODAY to book your space months or a year in advance, even if you don't have DJ or flowers locked in. Think like a bride and lock in the church building/room/kitchen you need for your important Event TODAY! Put what you know in writing so you can get working on what you don't. Your 250 guests will thank you and 250 will return next year with 250 BFFs! Some will like what they see so much that they will volunteer next time, better help your charity or even join Bethlehem to be part of more events, functions, missions and more!

HIT SUBMIT! VERIFY SUBMIT! If you knew your Event/details well and spent 15 minutes spelling out your plan/purpose/space request, make sure it gets submitted! After you hit "SUBMIT PLAN" be sure it says "Thanks for submitting your Event Plan!..." Some information is required (flagged with an "*"). Don't risk losing space/staff/resources to another event (e.g., wedding, meeting) by skipping required questions such as Event Planner/dates/times. If you do skip required fields and hit SUBMIT PLAN, the form will flag the items you skipped and ask again for the required information. If you see the "Thanks..." message that means your Event Plan is on it's way to the Bethlehem Office and others like the PR Team which is on standby to help publicize your event. Submitting months or a year in advance will help make your Event a bigger success by getting publicity, kitchen, parking and other teams contributing to your Event from its inception instead of the day of the Event when little can be done.

WATCH YOUR INBOX! Did you SUBMIT a great Event Plan? Did you chase down all the dates/times/staff/budget/details and enter 'em all on this simple form as fast as you can type? Fantastic! The folks in charge of approving Event Plans and space reservation requests will contact you shortly (1-2 business days; contact the Church Office if this doesn't happen!). Others team leaders will see your Event Plan and potentially contact you as well. They are all on standby to help like they have with other events in the past. These teams/leaders want everyone to be raving about your Event in the paper, online, on the radio, in private convos and everywhere else BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your Event! Help these leaders/teams help you. SUBMIT your full/detailed Event Plan today!
  • Catchy/concise for Sign, Paper, Radio Ad
  • Why? Quantify objectives/goals (numbers!)
  • Who is requesting BLC space?
  • Who to email IF space request's approved?
  • Cellphone to call (e.g., kitchen problem)?
  • Event Planner's sick? Who runs Event?
  • Cell? (e.g., pipe burst, Presenter's sick)
  • Caterer canceled & Planner's in Hawaii
  • Appealing ad copy for radio, paper, web?
  • Guests/BLC needs to know exact time slot.
  • Is every job covered? I need to text everyone/someone NOW! How?
  • Will Googlers find/attend your Event/details?
  • Primary charity? List others in Event Details.
  • The Well? XYZ Lanes? ABC Pizza?
  • What is required to attend event? Examples:
    • $10 at the door, $15 in advance online
    • $10 at the door, 12 and under FREE
    • FREE Admission,
       First 100 guests (847-555-1212)
    • BLC Members FREE, Public $5
    • 1 Pound Food Donation at the Door
  • BLC space has legal limit. # attending?
  • When to release reservation? At 5 RSVPs?
  • Mix (Members/Guests/Others) using BLC?
  • Unique/key Event details.
  • Anticipated guest questions/answers?
  • Meals/Snacks/Drinks/Utensils/Etc.? Cooks? Assistants? Training? Food prep, handling, storage safety? Health codes? Allergies? Gluten-free? Vegetarian guests?
  • Will guests say WOW when they walk in?
  • What music will entertain event guests? Live bands? DJ? CD/iPod? Video on TVs?
  • Who's doing publicity shots/vids for paper before & after event? Guests? Paid photog?
  • Keynote Presenter/Host/Master of Ceremonies. List others in Presenter Plan.
  • Will someone introduce Presenter? How?
  • What are 1, 2 or 3 main takeaways/todos?
  • Phone number to call/register for event
  • Send email here to register for event
  • SORRY, SOLD OUT! Avoid this.
  • Funds to publicize your event. Signs, etc.
  • Other (Publicity Channels)? Explain.
    This written Event Plan will/has helped me...
  • This Event Plan form would be better if...
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