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Public Relations Publicity Cards


Table of Contents

Rack Cards
Announcement Cards
Business Cards
Card Standards
Follow Standards
Stand Out!
Use Best Practices
Marketing Tips
“Right” Locations
Placement Process
Placement Maps



Rack Cards

The Bethlehem PR team uses rack cards to publicize and promote upcoming events, worship services and more.

Rack cards are placed in racks where available or in stacks. When posters are posted, rack cards are stacked or pinned nearby. Rack cards are also placed at high-traffic locations like event sign-in stations, luncheon tables, church entrances, kiosks, restaurant hostess counters or local event boards, etc. Cards in racks are better than stacked cards easily swept into waste receptacles. Most workers would assume the rack/display had management approval and leave it be. This protects cards and our non-trivial investment in their design, printing and distribution.

Cards handed out by members also need protection from the elements, bending, etc. Cards are often our first impression and a bent, worn or wet, soggy card is never a good first impression. Proper protection and distribution is a must.

People handing out cards must be familiar with all Frequently Asked Questions about the event and Bethlehem. If they reply “Dunno, it’s prolly on the website or call the church” that is not good publicity. Card distributors should be like reps at trade-show booths, prepared to field all but the toughest questions and pitch Bethlehem and the upcoming event with genuine and unmatched enthusiasm. Card recipients will look at a card and consider it even more if the card distributor is a strong communicator of the merits of Bethlehem and its upcoming events. A luke-warm pitch will drive a luke-warm response.

Remember: it might be your 1,500th card but it is the recipient’s 1st!


Announcement “Business” Cards

Rack cards are not always the perfect vehicle for announcing an event. In some cases, the Bethlehem PR Team has also designed and distributed Announcement Cards based on standard business card sizes and stock. These cards are smaller and it is therefore even more critical to follow professional card design standards. These cards are more easily carried, protected and carried in large numbers. They are also of similar quality to rack cards but they cost less due to size; they cost even less if printed on just one side. For example, during promotions, 500 professionally printed cards could run about $10 (2016 Promotional Pricing) plus shipping. This equates to approx. 2 to 3 cents per piece.

Members are more likely to carry and distribute cards this size than rack cards so these are a good alternative for word-of-mouth type of publicity where recipients can receive high level details at low cost and higher expectation of retaining the information for the days leading up to an event. People will often reflexively look at these cards and put them in their purse or wallet. They will look at these again later. The size of rack cards may fit in a purse but never in a wallet and the unfamiliar and larger size, while more impressive, can work against a campaign if unwieldy.

Think through what type and size of cards are appropriate based on target location, audience, etc. For example, rack cards would be perfect for hotel or apartment building lobbies with card racks. Announcement cards with the same format as a business card may be more suited as handouts to business owners or pinning to boards or distribution to members for widespread word-of-mouth publicity where members might carry 10 in their wallet or purse when they’d balk at carrying 10 rack cards.

Here’s a sample of a card announcing a Bethlehem seminar open to the public. These were widely distributed at the same “Right” Locations listed in the last section below.

Identity Theft Seminar Announcement Card


Business Cards

The Bethlehem PR Team uses business cards for select members such as the Pastor to provide member title, address, phone and email contact details. Contact the PR Team to discuss business card needs. The PR Team has a standard template that’s been designed. It integrates the new (2016) logo. All Bethlehem business cards must use this template and be approved by the PR Team for brand consistency and protection.


Card Standards

Bethlehem Rack Cards, Business Cards and Announcement Cards publicize our events and typically provide details on our church and staff. Signs, posters, websites, newspaper print and online ads and many other items also carry our messages in a strategic, uniform, consistent and powerful way. To accomplish our Living Water Mission and G.R.O.W. objectives, ALL of our PR designs and materials MUST adhere to the following:

• Powerful, professional Designs

• Always leverage



• Full-bleed Photos and Graphics

• Photos Showcasing Immediately-Identifiable, Relatable and Sought-After Emotions, Action, Spirituality (“THAT WILL BE ME!”)

• Highlights Giving BRIEF (1 or 2-word!) Event “Selling Points” (WHY Attend?)


500 MEALS!

• Quantified/Specific Benefits (“Feed 5,000 Local Families” versus generic “help the hungry”)

• 1000% Reviewed/Revised Copy before Release (Re-re-re-repeat Until Polished)

• Our Publicity Cards/Posters/Signs/Ads/etc. are…

• NEVER an “Illegal” 2-Page Resume

• NEVER a Big Exhaustive List

• NEVER a Novel

• NEVER a FAQ on Every Question

• NEVER Cheap/Throwaway

• NEVER Flimsy

• NEVER Crammed with Content

• NEVER Wordy

• NEVER Crowded

• NEVER Even Near the Card Edge

• NEVER Look like a Paragraph

• NEVER Look like Full/Long Sentences

• NEVER Look like an Eye Test

• NEVER are Cliche

• NEVER Highlight “Personal Pet” Event Features (e.g., FREE GROUP PHOTOS!!! if you’re the event photographer and that’s not the purpose of the event)

• NEVER Make Assumptions

• NEVER use Unknown (to the general public), Non-Standard Abbreviations or Terms (BCMC, Sunday School Room, Fellow. Hall, Frank’s Old Office, LCMS, etc.)

• NEVER are Randomly Redundant!

• NEVER are Randomly Redundant!

• NEVER State the Obvious (e.g., The phone number to call us with questions or concerns about the event that you see on this poster is 630-555-1212 and our website with these same details and more is; people know what 630-555-1212 and mean by now so don’t overwhelm 99% to cater to the 1% who don’t use a phone or computer to get more info anyhow; model cards/signs/posters after clean examples you find on Google that you think someone paid a pro $5K to design AND would trigger you to take 5 cards to share with friends or call designer for your next event)

• NEVER are Inconsistent (e.g., 10PM…10:00PM…10:00 PM…10 P.m….10 p.m.)

• NEVER a Font Style/Case/Color/Italics/Underline/Size Hodge-Podge

• NEVER a Left/Right/Center Justification Mish-Mash

• NEVER are a Kitchen-Sink Design (one of everything you can find)


• NEVER Created with Weak Designer Software

• NEVER Created without Studying/Beating the Competition

• NEVER Created without Designer Training/Practice

• NEVER Use First Draft

• NEVER Rushed or On-the-Fly or Near-the-Deadline

• NEVER Sent To Print Unreviewed Just To Meet Deadline

• NEVER Non-standard Card Sizes

• NEVER Have Random Size Changes

• NEVER Use BOLD Here, Italics There, New Font Here, Underlining There, New Color Here, New Outline Color There, New Drop Shadow Here, New Word Art There, etc.

• NEVER Have ANY Text/Graphics Changes with no Identified Purpose/Rationale

• NEVER Glue, Staple, String or Rubber Band Attachments

• NEVER Use Random Punctuation or Bizarre Dingbats

• NEVER Cooked up On-the-Fly or Day-Before/Day-Of

• NEVER Share a Design that is “Top Heavy” or “Side Heavy” with Jarring Lack of Balance

• NEVER Use Inconsistent Space Sizes between Blocks/Elements

• NEVER Shrink Content or Wrap Content because of Poor Space Planning

• NEVER Use (FREE?) Software that Doesn’t Do the Job Others Do

• ALWAYS Typo/Error Free

• ALWAYS Fact-checked

• ALWAYS Spell-checked

• ALWAYS Grammar-checked

• ALWAYS Free of Common Errors like “ie.” instead of “i.e.,” (bad design if it uses either of these), “eg” or “ex” instead of “e.g.,” (again, all bad)

• ALWAYS Short & Sweet as a Boarding Pass (e.g., SAT DEC10 9AM-NOON vs. Saturday, December 10th, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.–Don’t WASTE LIMITED SPACE including odd space around punctuation!)

• ALWAYS Started with HUGE Lead Time & Allow for MANY Design Fixes/Changes

• ALWAYS Reviewed by TEAM of Proven, Thorough Inspectors

• ALWAYS Re-reviewed after ANY Change

• ALWAYS Choose from Many Design Drafts not First Attempt

• ALWAYS Color-Calibrated

• ALWAYS Highlighting Event Highlights

• ALWAYS Aesthetic, Pleasing, Eye-Catching

• ALWAYS Perfectly Center and Justify Text/Titles with Software (NO EYEBALLING)

• ALWAYS Center/Line Up Blocks & Design Elements with Software (NO EYEBALLING)

• ALWAYS Designed for Rack

• ALWAYS Designed for Stack (Often No Card Racks!)

• ALWAYS Consistent with ALL Other Publicity (Web, Newsletter, Bulletin, Posters, Signs)

• ALWAYS Designed for STANDALONE FRONT and Supportive Back

• ALWAYS Designed to GRAB ATTENTION Before All Other 50 Cards in Rack

• ALWAYS Passes 10′ TEST (GRAND CANYON TOUR, HELICOPTER RIDES, LION KING, DOG SLED RIDES, our event–you’d rather stay home, right?)

• ALWAYS Photo, Action, Faces, Titles Must be READABLE/PUNCHY/GRAB ATTENTION

• ALWAYS Design for Target Audience–Card Keepers

• NEVER Design for Percentage who Don’t Care–Card Chuckers




Shrink the FRONT and Back of your card to fit the rack below. Paste it into the image with your designer software.



Click to Enlarge

Can your card be read? Does it fit in the rack? Is it a non-standard size? Does it use edge-to-edge, juicy, action-packed photos? Does it jump out from the competition? Does it slump in the rack? Would someone walking by stop in their tracks? In the next second would they know 99% whether they would like to attend your event? Would 100% flip the card to find the dates/times/phones/website/directions/map? Would they flip the card to explore other highlights of the event beyond the 2 or 3 key highlights on the front? Would they think we hired a pro to make the card? Would they think WE think the event is important and worth a quality card?

Would they never take the card you designed or take 20 others before it? Would they junk it at first glance? Would they flip it and junk it?

Or, would they take all the cards in the rack to give to family or friends? Does it have a


or other I-WANT-THIS-CARD features?

Or, will someone grab one so they can find out who designed it because they need that best-in-class designer to work on powerful, effective cards for their church or event to shine?

Ultimately, will the days and weeks–and pennies–spent on publicity cards DO THE JOB?

Cards need to strategically publicize Bethlehem and its events and campaigns need to always remember the fact that we never get a second chance at a first impression. For thousands at a parade or festival or celebration, the card you make or hand out will be our first impression to them. They will make a split-second decision on whether to refuse our card, accept it grudgingly, snap it up enthusiastically or ask if they can have a fistful to share with others. We want the latter to happen with our cards. Why? We want to optimize our effort To Share The Living Water and G.R.O.W. With top-notch, timely publicity we can boost interest, attendance and likely see some new members if visitors like what they see.

And, as we all learn more about connecting effectively with the public, remember to share any important lessons learned. Type of events, cards, placement, timing…these are all more art than science but hopefully the above checklist will help you make any campaigns, signs, posters, cards and other publicity items grab everybody’s attention and spark their interest in contacting, visiting or joining Bethlehem.


Follow Standards

How do cards from many retailers fit in the same rack? They follow standards. We need to follow set standards so our cards don’t suffer needless problems from violating standards. See the rack below? Notice any standards? Notice any violators? Which cards do you want to grab? Why? You are probably attracted to a card for very specific reasons and NOT because of a goofy LOOK-AT-ME size or hanger or hanger hole. Even add ons don’t grab attention and interest like a good graphic design can.

Pick the “best” card. Why do you rate it best? Because it’s blaze orange? Because there’s a bold title? Clever graphic? Power word like PRO or text like $50? Bow or ribbon? Juicy edge-to-edge photo? Photo of someone you identify with? Photo of something you want or want to share? Boring, hard-to-read sentence or paragraph? Overclever use of fonts & colors?

Think this all thru when you design a publicity piece. Will your card get picked out of the pack and shared? Think this rack over when you think you have someone’s undivided attention when you hand them a card. Pretend they have been handed other cards, have one under their windshield wiper, one hanging on their door and 20 more in their junk mail from today. Why? Even the person you are handing a card to is probably overwhelmed with junk by the time you reach them. A warm personal touch can help you connect but what’s in your hand or hung on their door better be good or else it will be trashed before you’re even out of sight.


Stand Out!

As a final example, consider cases where you will pin up the card you designed. Do you want a cheap card lost in a sea of other cards? A side-by-side front/back rack card pinned in a clear (or cleared out) section of this cork board will immediately get you more interest and publicity. A neat 2-up placement on a chaotic board like this will significantly improve your chances of being seen and considered.


Use Best Practices

The PR Team will develop and document best practices to maximize the effectiveness of rack card publicity. This will help future card designers and distributors to strategically and effectively communicate with Bethlehem publics (e.g., members staffing an event, non-member volunteers staffing an event, members & guests attending an event, general public attendees at an event, newspaper writers or photographers covering local news events, passersby at our Dickens in Dundee Living Window, K-LOVE radio listeners, Herald print readers, Herald online event directory searchers, website visitors, Googlers, Bingers, Yahoo!ers, Paradegoers, Grafelman Park Petting Zoo visitors across the street from Bethlehem, etc.)


Marketing Tips

Check out Rack up the Business with Rack Cards for a quick crash course in three keys to success in successful rack card marketing:

• Eye-catching Design
• Call to Action or Offer
• Placement in all the Right Locations


“Right” Locations

The following are tested and proposed untested “Right” locations for Bethlehem to place rack cards, posters and other announcement cards. Locations that said YES to cards are itemized below along with others that said NO in early 2016 or in 2015.

Some businesses have a policy and others don’t. Some staff and managers know their policy, some don’t and some seem to make it up on the fly.

The number of cards to place in a business depends on a number of things such as the size of your event, the required publicity, the number of cards printed, the business’ reaction to your request and location within the business. Monitoring a rack or stack of cards in the days or weeks after placement to see the public’s reaction will also help optimize card placement and card counts per placement. Are people noticing the rack/cards in the 30 minutes while you dine? Do they take any? Do they take any and put them back? Can you ask them why? Did the manager say YES and did you see a worker throw the whole stack out a second later? Might not be a great place to waste another 50 cards headed for another waste receptacle.

Without monitoring card placement it is difficult during a campaign to determine the effectiveness of a specific placement. For example, if you return to a restaurant the next day and 50 cards are all gone, that could mean that 50 diners took a card and will attend your event and tell 5 other people that they should attend; however, if all 50 cards are gone the next day, a manager or worker may have disposed of all 50 in the nearest waste receptacle.

There is a wide variety of outcomes and assumptions you can make without monitoring. For example, you might see 50 cards vanish in one day from a location. You might assume it is a fantastic location and you’ll realize a huge amount of attendees from those 50 cards. You might place 100 cards in that location the next day. If you carefully monitored it, you might find that someone publicizing an event the same day as yours dumped your cards in the trash to kill off competition. Or maybe teenagers grabbed the stack to stack into card houses at their table. Or maybe the manager on the next shift didn’t hear your display was approved and he/she sees it and has a worker bee toss it out immediately. Many more things can happen.

Talking with the manager or shift leader about the event can help avoid cards being thrown out before business visitors even see them. If you mention the cards to a worker and ask to speak with a manager, this ups the odds that the workers know what the publicity cards are about. When you ask a worker to speak with a manager and the cards are ultimately placed with their permission, at least one worker will be aware that you spoke with the manager who authorized the card rack or stack. Workers will typically not throw out stacks of cards that their manager approved. Managers won’t typically throw out stacks of cards if they gave their word to you that they will display them.

It is tempting to slink in, plop a stack of cards by the trash and slink out. Those cards will likely be in that trash can the same day. Always take the time to talk to the business owner, management and workers before leaving something promoting your organization on their property. Imagine someone showing up in church promoting a casino or bar or dog track or something that might not be fitting with the church mission. What would you do if you saw those cards in a rack at the back of the church?

Workers at the businesses you visit will go through a similar thought-process and you should take steps to make sure your cards are welcome.

NOTE: These maps show target businesses in target areas. Other establishments not listed below may be equally good targets for card placement. Any great placement locations that are discovered while hitting the ones below should be noted for future campaigns. All other things being equal, locations that are closer to Bethlehem and locations that have the highest traffic will generate more interest in our event than faraway locations with limited visitors to see our publicity cards and see them as a worthwhile “trip.” That said, certain events like a Christmas Drive Thru can draw visitors from 20 to 30+ minutes away. Identifying Elgin, Gilberts, Marengo, Hoffman Estates, Barrington and other cities/businesses is beyond the scope of this placement list but people with cards are free to use their judgement and place cards in locations beyond the ones specified below. For instance, if someone drives further south or north on Randall Rd. and hits another set of retailers with racks or stacks of cards, that only broadens our publicity reach. If, on the other hand, someone brings 100 cards to Willis Tower, that may be a waste of 100 cards that could be better placed nearer to Bethlehem. People should exercise good judgement when placing a finite number of cards in distant or low-trafficked locations.


Placement Process

Here are some suggestions and lessons learned to help get more rack cards accepted and placed in premium locations to be seen and visitors:

• If a business said they have a policy against publicity cards, move on to ones that don’t!

• ASK worker: “Can we place a small number of cards publicizing a local event that may be of interest to your customers/diners/patrons/etc.?”

• ASK worker: “May I speak to your manager (or the business owner) about placing these cards to make sure it’s OK?”

• ASK manager: “May we place a small number of cards…”–less cards means less resistance.

• Mention that the event is in the neighborhood, near their business and customers (e.g., 2 blocks away)–managers think nearby events have higher interest to their customers.

• Mention the date of the event (e.g., 1 week from today)–events in next 1 to 3 weeks boost chance of approval.

• Mention that you can come back to check on cards, restock rack/stack or remove cards after campaign ends on MM/DD/YY.

• Mention if cards are designed to have value after event so removal after campaign or event is not required.

• ASK manager if employees might have interest in attending event (e.g., one business said we could place a rack of cards and they also felt their employees would be interested so the manager said she’d hand an extra small stack out to workers in a meeting).

• ASK if business has a preference for what’s placed (e.g., rack of cards, stack, poster, flyers, business-card size cards).

• ASK if business helps other local businessmen/women and organizations and ASK if they have a board or table or designated location for cards.

• Reference other similar businesses that promote other local businesses/organizations (e.g., “We just pinned up our flyer in Panera and wonder if you might have a pinboard designated for local events” or “We just placed a rack of cards at the hostess station at Rookies and wonder if you have any place where you help local businesses and organizations succeed by publicizing events that your customers might be interested in”).

• Do NOT pressure any business with a no-card policy even if 10 similar businesses accept rack cards…move on.

• Mention the website is on the card. They probably won’t know the card distributor, but knowing the card has a website, they will rightly assume they have a way to reach us. If anyone has any questions (e.g., “can we get 25 more cards?”), seeing an email or website may trigger card acceptance.

• Talk up the event without preaching–workers may be atheists or many other religions besides Missouri Synod Lutheran.

• Take notes and tell others what you’ve found to be most successful and repeat best-practices you and others have found.

• Design cards and unique per-card website landing pages so analytics can be used to determine which cards and placements are winners and which are duds.

• Design cards that outshine the local competition by a mile.

• Design cards with professional, bold, punchy titles, colors, photos and graphics.

• Design cards that stand out from 10 feet away in a rack of 100 different rack cards.

• Bring cards wherever you go and if you run to the store or the library or the doctor, ask if you can place cards in their establishment. They may say yes and they may bring their family to the event if they like you and what you said.

• Distribute cards to family, friends and members along with this web page so many people are placing cards in many more locations than one person can visit alone,

• Shoot for placement that maximizes patron exposure. For example, cards by a waste receptacle might be glanced at for a split second at a restaurant and end up tossed in the time it takes to tip a tray into the trash. Patrons at the trash can are busy and late for their next appointment. They don’t have time to read; in their minds, they are already done with the restaurant. Cards at the hostess station, or PLACE-ORDER-HERE register at a restaurant, however, can end up being read while trapped waiting for food to be cooked or paid for. Cards in hands early mean they can even be read or discussed at the table while diners are waiting to place an order or get served. Sit-down restaurants are good for this because each diner has about 10 or 20 minutes of dead time that your card can fill. Same for doctor waiting rooms and other businesses with captive audiences waiting for service. It seems easier to slip a stack of cards onto the trash receptacle nearest to the door but our cards will have a much bigger and better impression and stand to boost event awareness and attendance if getting cards get into folks’ hands at the START of their visit instead of when they are hustling to empty a tray and throw everything into the trash–including your card or rack or stack of cards if they hate bulletin boards and ads everywhere!

• Create Signs/text/graphics that have the same text/graphics as cards so people know instantly cards, signs, flyers, posters, etc., are all related.


Placement Maps

Many placement opportunities exist in and around nearby Spring Hill Mall. PROPOSE: Visit mall with box of rack cards and index cards to take notes on stores, card or poster counts and placement locations. Use Google maps to plan stops. For example (click maps to enlarge):


Spring Hill Mall

IMPORTANT: Google Maps can be out of date (even if you Google for a fresh map). If we take an index card and make notes like this it will help track placements and update distribution maps:

• YYMMDD Chubby Bullfrog (Was MJs), 20 rack cards, Hostess Station
• YYMMDD XYZ Movie Theater (Just opened), 1 poster+40 cards, Pinboard

Also notice that as you zoom in, more and more map locations may appear. For example, you may see a retail space in a map but no name at one zoom level and, if you zoom in, suddenly a store name may appear. Card distributors can of course see what stores exist as they canvass an area and our placement list can be updated for the next campaign.


Spring Hill Mall YES (Cards Successfully Placed in the Past)
• Kiosk(s) (ask Sandy/Gerald Tang for location(s))

Spring Hill Mall TRY (Cards Not Placed here in the Past. Attempt!)
• Other heavily-trafficked stores, food court, etc.


Route 31


Rt 31 YES
• Alexander’s Cafe Right Entrance Counter+Manager Shared with Staff
• Dunkin’ Donuts Receptacle
• Thornton’s Receptacle
• BP Receptacle
• Super 8 Receptacle

Rt 31 TRY
• Quality Inn Card Rack?
• Holiday Inn Card Rack?
• Hampton Inn Card Rack?
• Town Plaza Suites Card Rack?
• Villages at Centerfield


Rt 31 YES
• Maxwell’s Dogs Receptacle
• Rt 31 Pantry & Liquor Receptacle
• Mobil Receptacle

Rt 31 TRY
• Dominick’s Pizzaria
• Gilbert’s Kitchen
• BMO Harris Bank
• First Congregational
• West Dundee Public Works
• West Dundee PD
• PNC Bank

Randall Road


Randall YES
• Village Pizza Receptacle
• Burnt Toast Counter
• Sushi Station Receptacle
• Panera Receptacle or Board
• Comfort Suites Card Rack
• Rookies Receptacle
• Sammy’s Receptacle
• Dairy Queen Receptacle
• Shell Receptacle

Randall TRY
• Goddard School
• Other Businesses


Randall YES
• Rec Center Tables Up and Downstairs
• Rec Center Card Rack (Ask)
• Dundee Middle School Office


Randall YES
• Randall Oaks Zoo


Randall YES
• Goodwill Receptacle or Counter
• Popeye Receptacle
• Woodman’s Board (Poster or Side-by-Side Front/Back Color Rack Cards)
• Randall Roadhouse Receptacle
• Dunkin’ Donuts Receptacle
• Culver’s Receptacle
• Wendy’s Receptacle
• McDonald’s Receptacle
• Menards Receptacle
• Fast Mart Receptacle

Randall TRY
• Chase Waiting Area Table
• Walgreens
• Associated Bank


Randall/Huntley YES
• Subway Receptacle
• Taylor Street Pizza Entrance
• Platt Hill Nursery Entrance
• Shell Receptacle

Randall/Huntley TRY
• Firestone
• Kiku


Randall TRY
• RoomPlace
• Ashley
• Great Escape
• Cycling Republic
• Enterprise


Randall/Harnish YES
• Target Receptacle, Food Court Receptacle
• Starbucks Receptacle
• Algonquin Library Entrance Board Poster+Card Stack

Randall TRY
• Binny’s
• TJ
• Toys ‘R Us
• Five Below
• Chase
• US Bank
• HomeGoods
• HD Jacobs High School


Randall/Harnish TRY
• Sparrow’s Nest Thrift
• Rosen Hundai


Randall/Corporate YES
• Village Vintner (They Hosted Bethlehem Event)
• Hobby Lobby Receptacle
• Algonquin Square Apartments

Randall/Corporate TRY
• Family Christian/Half Price Books
• Charming Charlie & Other Algonquin Commons Retailers


Randall/Algonquin Commons YES
• On The Border Receptacle
• Thirsty Whale Receptacle
• Dicks Receptacle/Entrance Rack
• Trader Joe’s Receptacle
• Algonquin Commons Office
• Brunswick Zone (Hosted our Youth Pizza/Laser Tag Party)
• Golden Corral Receptacle
• Potbelly Receptacle

Randall/Algonquin Commons TRY

• Famous Dave’s
• Best Buy
• Massage Green Spa
• JoAnn Fabric
• Men’s Warehouse
• Other Retail Stores/Restaurants


Randall/County Line YES
• Giordano’s Receptacle
• Chili’s Receptacle
• Georgia’s Board
• BP Receptacle
• Walmart Subway Receptacle

Randall/County Line TRY
• Gander Mountain
• Monterra
• Plato’s
• Binny’s

Main Street/Higgins/Route 72


Main/Fox River YES
• US Bank Card Table

Main/Fox River TRY
• Village Squire
• Spa Bleu
• Swell Gallery
• Benedict’s Eggs
• Laird Funeral Home


S Main TRY
• Algonquin Sub Shop
• Wine & Roses
• Yin & Yang’s
• Ameer Meat Grocery
• Crescent Petroleum
• Strack’s Barber Shop
• All Four Wheels
• Rainbow
• Others?


• Chipotle

• Speedway Receptacle

• Miller Funeral
• Cherished Place
• State Farm
• Papa John’s
• AT&T
• Deluxe Floral
• U Bank
• Jiffy Lube


Higgins/Rock Rd YES
• Shell Receptacle

• Great Northern
• Events Exposition Services
• Carsmart Automotive
• Allpaws Pet Cremation
• State Testing?


Higgins/King TRY
• Spring Hill Auto Body
• Dundee Collision
• Main Street Motors


Higgins/Carrington TRY
• West Dundee Fire Dept


Higgins/Locust YES
• Jewel

• Advanced Auto
• Salsa Street
• Hair Cuttery
• Rosati’s
• Charley’s Grilled Subs
• Lifezone 360 Sports


72/River YES
• Subway Receptacle
• Van’s Receptacle

• Bandito Barney’s
• Amstar
• Dick West
• Immanuel Poster/Cards
• Steve’s Motorcycles
• Complete Bridal
• Vapor Haus
• East Dundee River Street Shops/Center
• River Lee’s
• Dundee Music
• Carol’s Corner

Route 25


Rt 25 YES
• Wendy’s Receptacle

• Pete’s Towing?
• Enterprise?
• Dealers?
• Others?


Rt 72/25 YES
• Dunkin’ Donuts Receptacle
• Community Thrift
• Laundry King
• Brown’s Chicken Receptacle
• Family Buffet

• Everything Floral
• Ace Cleanrs
• Gallery 611
• Grease Monkey
• Domino’s
• River Valley Square
• Check Into Cash
• Taqueria Los Cocos
• Discount Grocery Outlet

Route 68/Penny Rd/Barrington Ave.


Penny/Barrington Ave YES
• Dundee Library Rack and Flyer Board
• Dundee TWP Rec Center Rack/Tables
• El Faro Receptacle
• Dundee Manor (Hosted BLC Youth Breakfast)

• Yuri Mexican Tamales & Grill
• A-Able Pawn Shop
• Dundee Animal Hospital


72/68 TRY
• State Farm
• Dundee Automotive

4th Street


4th/Railroad YES
• Piece-A-Cake Bakery South Shelf
• The Uncommon Palette
• Dundee TWP Tourist Center (Depot) Reception Counter Rack AND Nearby Board

• Butcher on the Block
• Rakow’s Office Solutions
• Aliano’s
• River Trading Post
• Sweet Pop Fizz
• Expression’s
• Zelier Marketing & Design
• Anvil Club
• Diamon Jim’s
• Measuring Cup
• East Dundee PD

Huntley Rd/Western Ave/Route 31


Western/Huntley YES
• Wendy’s Receptacle
• Taco Bell Receptacle
• Panera Receptacle and Board between Restrooms
• Denny’s
• North of the Border

• Otto
• Home Depot
• AutoZone
• Big Lots
• Aldi
• 5th/3rd
• Chase
• Huntley Square Shops
• Shai’s
• White Castle
• Las Queces


Huntley/Tartans YES
• Chubby Bullfrog (Partnered with BLC on Boiler Fundraiser)

• Lossman Eye Care
• Others


Main/31 YES
• Jimmy John’s Receptacle
• Circle K Receptacle
• Speedway Receptacle
• KFC Receptacle
• Walgreens Receptacle
• Pizza Hut Receptacle

• Dollar Tree
• Jiffy Lube
• St. Catherine
• Chili’s
• Spring Hill Fashion

Other Businesses

Many downtown businesses on Main Street or a block or two away like:
• Emmet’s
• West Dundee Village Hall
• Around the Corner Candy
• Dickens in Dundee Living Window (Address TBD)


• Red Brick Church–All Entrances, Table in front of Church Office
• Yellow Brick Church–Entrance, East Window
• Cherished Place
• Montessori
• Tai Kwan Do (in BCMC)

DRAFT Comments

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We would like everyone on the PR Team to be part of the publicity cards effort and know the gameplan and guidelines. If you’ve attempted something like this before you know it is NOT a one-person job; if everyone chips in our publicity reach will be tens or hundreds of time further than if it’s a solo effort.

Ideally everyone on the PR Team–and everyone in the congregation–will be carrying and distributing cards wherever they go. Blanketing an area and using word of mouth can have great results if we leverage the entire Bethlehem Team led by their PR Team. This can really help with the mission To Share The Living Water and G.R.O.W.

As the publicity leaders with big events right around the corner that people have been working over a year on, the PR Team can really kick things off by jumping on publicizing events and setting a great example by getting the (powerful and polished) word out–strategically–to wherever people gather nearby in the Dundee and surrounding communities!