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September 2017 News

Tuesday, 1 August, 2017



Bethlehem will be hosting a new and exciting “Pop-Up” Bible School at Heritage Fest Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17, 2017.

This fest first has been created to be even more fun in the park for kids and parents alike so please add us to your plans Heritage weekend! And, if you’ve only stopped at the downtown stage and beer tent by the river in the past, why not mix things up this year and enjoy all the new (and returning) music, entertainment, activities and booths on the great green grass near the fountain, playground and tennis courts at the park? Won’t the kidlets and kids-at-heart probably prefer the crafts, park and playland over the pavement? But why choose? The fest runs 3 days so why not do something different Friday, Saturday and Sunday–join us in the park during the day and still enjoy all the headliners at the main stage in the evenings!

Bethlehem’s new booth will be within ear-shot of the Gazebo stage live music and all of Bethlehem’s activities will go down right across from our twin red and yellow brick churches near Main and 5th Streets in West Dundee. If you’d like, you can enjoy our 5:30 p.m. Saturday worship across the street after playing in the park. Or, why not join us for worship Sunday at 8 or 10:30 a.m. and be at the fest in the simple seconds it takes to cross the street!?

Fest guests are all invited to stop by for some free weekend morning and afternoon fun including: creating crafts, enjoying select live performances/playlets from Bethlehem Live–Bethlehem’s special annual Dickens in Dundee indoor/outdoor one-of-a-kind Christmas experience, learning more about Jesus and Bethlehem, puppet-making, story-retelling, live music and more.

Live performance times: Saturday: 10:30 a.m., noon, 1:30 and 3 p.m and Sunday: noon, 1:30 and 3 p.m.

In 2017 Bethlehem is joining the already wide variety of fun and entertaining events in the fabulous, free, family-friendly Heritage Fest line-up. Bethlehem is looking forward to seeing everyone at the fest swing by our new tent. Come solo or with your friends and fam! Why not also share this News page with your 1,298 Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and other friends, especially those with friends/fams/kids looking for fun outdoor events while another Chicago winter whittles away at the remaining wonderful warm weekends and events for 2017?

For the complete Heritage Fest schedule and 2017 details when they’re posted, check out the official fest website:

For more information or visitor/volunteer questions about the event, please give Karen Lawson a call on 847-975-1913 or email


April 2017 News

Saturday, 15 April, 2017



Please check the special Easter worship dates and time in the Upcoming Events calendar (sidebar to the right). There will be a 6:30 a.m. sunrise service on Sunday followed by breakfast in the Fellowship Hall and a 10 a.m. worship, all in our red brick church at 401 W. Main Street, West Dundee, IL. There will also be special worship services and a lunch during Easter Week.


THU MAY 4 (NOON-4PM), FRI MAY 5 (9-5PM), SAT MAY 6 (9-1PM)



Great selection and bargains–these are what you’ll find again at Bethlehem Lutheran’s big annual spring rummage sale at 401 W. Main Street in West Dundee. This is one of the biggest and best sales in the area and also one of the first of the season. New bargain hunters are invited to join the many happy returning shoppers expected again on Thursday, May 4th (noon–4 p.m.), Friday, May 5th (9–5 p.m.) and Saturday, May 6th (9–1 p.m.).

Rummage sale fans will find a wide assortment of deals and treasures in three main areas: The BIG Room, The Garage and The Upscale Room–new this year. The Big Room will be well-stocked with a healthy assortment of clothes, toys, baby items, dishes, household goods, shoes, hats, handbags, books and much more. The Garage will treat browsers and buyers to more great finds like tools, desks, beds, sleds, fishing gear, lounge chairs and much more. In The Upscale Room shoppers will have their pick from a vast variety of jewelry, paintings, antiques, collectibles, unique, specialty items and even high-end décor.

A big turnout is anticipated again this May so arrive early on Thursday or Friday to enjoy the widest selection and visit again for the Last Day Bag Sale on Saturday. Proceeds support many good causes via 15 Bethlehem missions. Donations are always appreciated and clean items in good repair are now being accepted. For the latest shopper information, please surf to the website News tab.

For additional questions or donation details, please use the online Contact Us form, email or call 847-426-7311.

Please see the Upcoming Events calendar for the schedule for the May 2017 Rummage Sale and when to bring items to include in the sale. Large TVs and non-working items should not be dropped off but other typical items like clothing are welcome. Thank you in advance for your donations again this year and spreading the word to others to stop by and see the many items that will be on sale this May!

BONUS TIP: Make sure to stop by the Bethlehem Chair Pilate’s table for information on our new healthy exercise program and chance at our random giveaways.

March 2017 News

Saturday, 25 March, 2017



Please join us for a fun and healthy Chair Pilates class led by Linda Bryant. Twice a week we meet in the Fellowship Hall to boost our strength and overall health and have fun at the same time. The March thru May schedule is as follows:

• MON MAR 27 7PM • FRI MAR 31 9AM
• THU APR  6 7PM • FRI APR  7 9AM
• THU APR 20 7PM • FRI APR 21 9AM
• MON APR 24 7PM • FRI APR 28 9AM
• MON MAY  11 7PM • FRI MAY 12 9AM
• THU MAY 18 7PM • FRI MAY 19 9AM
• MON MAY 22 7PM • FRI MAY 26 9AM



“Christ in the Passover” will be presented Sunday, April 2 at Faith Lutheran Church, 2525 Helm Rd., Carpentersville. You’re invited to attend this informative and thought-provoking presentation!



There are many adult Bible study opportunities at Bethlehem! Call the office or use the convenient Contact Us form if you’re interested in any of the following:

• 9:30-10:15 a.m. Sundays in the Fellowship Hall
• 9:30-10:30 a.m. Wednesdays in the Fellowship Hall
• Monthly Home Huddles (dates/times/homes vary)
• Monthly Home Huddles Presentation

See the Upcoming Events in the website sidebar for dates, times and locations which may vary.



Once again this Easter there are baskets you can pick up at church. These are given to children who utilize the F.I.S.H. Food Pantry. Fill ’em with candy and small toys but please skip the Eastroturf (purple plastic grass makes a mess). Candy must be individually wrapped. Thanks for returning donated baskets by Sunday, APril 2nd! Questions? Contact Martha Lehman 847-476-9935.


MAY 4-6

Why not declutter around the house and donate items you no longer need to those who do? Donations will be accepted at the church beginning Sunday, April 23. Questions? Call Martha Lehman 847-476-9935.



The name for Agape House comes from the Greek word Agape, which means the unconditional love of God. It is a non-profit ministry based on an outreach program of ministry where Christ heals broken hearts.

Their approach includes spiritual, emotional, psychological and physiological healing for teen girls and young adult women who have experienced different forms of abuse and struggle to cope with the effects.

The school was founded in 1997 and is located just over the border in Walworth, Wisconsin. They offer His love to girls living at Agape House, girls attending their day program, young women in their transitional living home, parents attending the weekly parent group and individuals receiving counseling at their counseling center.

-H.I.S. Ministry/Missions

February 2017 News

Thursday, 2 March, 2017


The Journey Through Life



FEB 12


FEB 19


FEB 26

The Transfiguration

The Rocks of Scripture


The 10 Commandments

MAR 12

Water From a Rock

MAR 19

David’s Stone

MAR 26

Stone to Bread


Rocks Not Thrown

APR 9 Palm Sunday

Stones of Praise

APR 16 Easter

The Stone Rolled Away



“The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I don’t need you!’ And the head cannot say to the feet, ‘I don’t need you!’” (1 Corinthians 12:21)

Just a word of thanks! The Church of Jesus Christ is a very complex organism. We are the body of Christ! We are his hands and feet continuing to be about the ministry that he began when he was on the earth. As the Pastor here at Bethlehem, I would like to say “thank you” to the MANY servants here at Bethlehem! There is so much to be done for the sake of God’s Kingdom. Sometimes (most of the time) it feels quite overwhelming. Our ministry acronym “G. R. O. W.” is a succinct way of acknowledging the four main ministry focuses of any church.

“G” stands for “Going Out”
In other words, setting our sights on those who are not part of our family of faith—especially those who do not know Jesus. Bethlehem is becoming intentional in this focus. Thank you!

“R” stands for “Reaching Maturity”
That is, growing in our relationship with God—becoming more mature in our faith. Our Bible classes are slowly growing. But we also have several servants in our church who are teaching the faith, especially our Sunday School, Youth, and Confirmation teachers. Thank you!

“O” stands for “Owning Burdens”
This is a way of saying that when one of us is hurting or in pain or experiencing a crisis, other members of our family of faith come along side of them to encourage and support them. We have a wonderful “Care Ministry Team” who are leading the way in this regard, but there are also many of you who are just doing it without anyone else even knowing you are doing it. Thank you!

“W” stands for “Working Together”
This is in reference to the Bible passage that printed above from 1 Corinthians 12. Working Together is all about each member of the body of Christ stepping up to serve according to their gifts. And, as it says in the passage above, no part of the body says to another part, “I don’t need you.” In other words, every gift, however important or unimportant if may seem, is valuable in the Kingdom of God. God is the One who has given each gift. So, to all who are serving in any way…Thank you!

We could not be the church that Jesus wants us to be if we just sat on the sidelines, or if we thought to ourselves, “I have nothing to offer,” or “Isn’t that why we have a pastor?” No pastor has all the gifts needed for the ministry to work.

I stand in awe of the way that the people of God serve according to their gifts here at Bethlehem! Thank you!

—Pastor Jim



A thought to remember: “It isn’t WHAT we have in life, but WHO we have in our life that matters.”

We are so thankful that so many dear and thoughtful friends help to provide warmth and comfort to those in need–you are a true blessing. As February is peeking around the corner, the days keep getting a bit longer and the weather seems to be getting a bit less severe. We are already collecting and putting into storage things for the winter of 2017–can you believe that? Even so, if there is someone you know that has a need for a beautiful and warm lap afghan, please let me know so we can help you select one.

If you would like to help with this mission and you need a pattern, one can be found on the desk in the file box in the “Knitting Nook” located on the west wall of the basement Choir Room. A large selection of beautiful yarn is also available there for any mission project.

We have bags marked “Prayer Shawl” with 3 matching balls of yarn that are perfect for shawls. We also have knitting needles and crochet hooks in almost every size necessary for your project.

If you have any questions or if you need help, please contact Dorothy Pigors at 847-836-0456. We do not have a specific meeting time or date at this time but usually are found in the Fellowship Hall between services and then sitting quietly in the back of the room where Pastor Murr is having his Bible Class, knitting on a prayer shawl or another mission project. We would love to have you join us! Karen Murr is there also knitting washcloths for the Sunday School Christmas boxes that go in November to children in other countries. We truly look forward to one day having Mary Jacox back with us again too.

January 2017 News

Thursday, 2 March, 2017



Participants in Couples Retreat 2016 at Covenant Harbor

Interested in attending the second annual Bethlehem Couple’s Retreat–a fun, relaxing and insightful weekend in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin? If so, please contact Karen Lawson at or 847-975-1913. Or, talk with any of the couples who enjoyed the last retreat: Maliszewski, Korosec, Heifetz, Petersen, Murr, Lawson, Fusco, Tang, Beth or Dennis!



Is there an unusual wine that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t want to commit to the whole bottle? This is the perfect evening to bring it, sample it, and share it! If you’d like, bring a favorite appetizer (which may or may not involve cheese!) or a special dessert.

And if you don’t drink wine, please don’t let that stop you from coming out and enjoying a great evening with some old and hopefully new friends. Just bring along your favorite beverage to help wash down those yummy appetizers and dessert! Decaf coffee will be provided. RSVP? Address? Questions? Call Karen at 336-671-8611.



“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3: 16-17)

Are you a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of person? Do you look at the New Year as a chance to start fresh with a goal or an endeavor that has somehow eluded you thus far? Maybe you want to finally join a gym. . .or start going to the one you already belong to. Or, maybe you plan to stop eating Fast Food.

We usually plan to do something that is good for us to do when we establish a New Year’s Resolution. We don’t usually say, “I think it’s time for me to become lazy!” Or, “This is the year I’m going to try to get arrested!”

New Year’s Resolutions are intended to be the start of something that is good for us. Are you out of ideas for New Year’s Resolutions? Can I help you with an idea? How about a resolution to get into the Word of God if you’re not already in it? (If you are someone who already IS in the Word, what about a resolution to encourage someone else to get into it as well?)

The above reading from 2 Timothy gives us every reason to make this a resolution. First of all, “All Scripture is God-breathed.” When you’re “in the Word,” you’re not just reading a bunch of human dribble that you should be skeptical about. You’re actually hearing from God Himself! Can you think of a reason that you would not want to hear from God?

The reading from 2 Timothy also tells us that God’s Word gives us everything we need for life: “teaching, rebuking, correcting, training…so that we will be thoroughly equipped for being God’s person.”

Maybe you are thinking to yourself, “But I wouldn’t know where to start, and I don’t even think I will be able to understand it.” Well, you’re in the same boat as a lot of Christians. That’s why we have group Bible Studies. Here at Bethlehem we offer a Sunday morning Bible Class at 9:30am taught by Pastor Jim. And we are very sensitive to the fact that not everyone knows their way around the Bible.

We also have a Wednesday Bible Class at 10:00am. And we have our Home Huddles—small groups of your friends from Bethlehem who get together in the home of a host. We have a great time at these Huddles!

Not to sound too religious. . .but there really isn’t a more important New Year’s Resolution that a person can make than to decide to get into the Word of God more deeply. It will change your life—or at least your attitude about life!



The next B.O.L.D. meeting will be on Saturday, January 21 at 9 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Men’s Breakfast is now a B.O.L.D. meeting. B.O.L.D. will be helping again at a local food bank and is looking for men and women who’d like help.



A thought to remember: “Dear God, I want to take a minute not to ask for anything, but simply to say “Thank You” for all that I have and the wonderful people who support our important mission with their talents and their prayers.”

Our winter weather has roared in with cold and snow so our delivery of the nice warm afghans to our neighbor senior care center (Cherished Place) was welcomed with much joy. Hermann and I delivered them and we also took home three for some elderly homebound friends whom we make a point of visiting over the Christmas holidays.

The one already delivered created so much joy and was truly appreciated by this 93-year-old gentleman and also his wife and caregiver. We are planning on delivering the other two afghans soon also. We always have more available for anyone in need and also for our Care Ministry when they make home visits.

Hermann and I went for a short visit with our friend Grace Zuba who called me that she had crocheted several afghans for our mission. Grace is over 90 years old and still keeps busy doing good for those in need. She also showed me all the beautiful cards she has received from Women’s Guild that she has displayed with magnets on her refrigerator. I also received a call from Darlene, a friend who crochets numerous beautiful granny-square afghans, scarves and hats for us during the year. She has another large bag filled which we will keep and make available to anyone in need.

I always say that our workers are few, but we always seem to do great and wonderful things in love and in the name of our Savior. If you have any questions or if you have any needs that we can help with, please contact me, Dorothy Pigors 847-836-0456 or Mary Jacox 847-304-3808. Now we would like to wish for each one of you a wonderful New Year 2017, filled with good health, happiness and God’s blessings!



Each day PADS operate a safe overnight shelter for up to 40-50 men, women and children providing them with an evening snack and a breakfast along with showers, laundry facilities, and warm clothing. They also provide clients a connection to support services, including mental health, housing, healthcare, recovery and education.

The shelter is open nightly at 7:00 p.m. and closes each morning at 7:00 a.m. Case management services are available during business hours, Monday thru Friday. PADS is staffed with trained site coordinators, case managers and volunteers. Mental health professionals and volunteer advocates are available to assist guests with basic needs and to connect them with additional services.

Their goal is to facilitate client growth, development and self-sufficiency. PADS of Elgin, Inc. coordinates services with more than 30 local organizations and social service agencies. The following is a list of their primary partners.

  • Ecker Center for Mental Health
  • Community Crisis Center
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Renz Addiction Counseling Center
  • Greater Elgin Family Care Center



Ever wondered about Prison Ministry? Consider yourself invited to a “come and hear what God is doing” free dinner at Immanuel Lutheran Church in East Dundee on Thursday, January 26, at 6:00 p.m. The free meal comes with an explanation of what Kairos Prison Ministry is and does to minister to inmates in prisons throughout the country. There is no pressure. The ministry simply wishes to inform people of what they are doing. Please RSVP to John Hoffman at

December 2016 News

Sunday, 18 December, 2016



Trading Trash for Treasure


The Cause of WORRY


The Effects of WORRY


The Accomplishments of WORRY


The Remedy for WORRY



Our Bethlehem Christmas Concert will feature live music performances as usual by the Bethlehem Choir and also The Messengers who perform Sundays at our Contemporary Worship. Refreshments will be served downstairs in the Fellowship Hall after the concert. Please consider inviting a friend or neighbor to this always-joyful event! Click below to watch a couple music videos from one of our past Christmas celebrations!

2014 Christmas Concert Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Youtube Frame Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.27.42 AM2014 Christmas Concert Emmanuel Youtube Frame Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.27.00 AM




Beginning in January 2016, Herlinda Bryant (Certified by the American Council of Exercise) will be leading a Pilates-based workout twice a week. Benefits include stronger muscles and stretching to develop your body’s core, mobilize your spine and building agility, flexibility, balance and coordination. Activities are performed while standing or with a chair for stability. Please pick up flyers at info tables. Interested? Call Herlinda on 630-338-6515 today!



LCC’s mission is to share the mercy, compassion, presence and proclamation of Jesus Christ to those who are suffering and in need. LCC is located in Northbrook and serves the Northern Illinois District of the LCMS and also nationally and internationally. LCC ministries include:

  • Disaster response
  • K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry
  • Kare 9 Military Ministry
  • International and domestic ministry
  • Web based ministry
  • Church worker support
  • Bible studies
  • Support for pass-through needs and causes
  • Human Care

LCC’s Disaster Response, Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT), K-9 Comfort Dog and Kare 9 Military Ministry teams travel throughout the United States as needed. They never charge those they serve. LCC is faith-based and funded by the generous support of donors. They do not receive government funding or funding from the LCMS or NID. When you donate to a pass-through cause, 100% of your gift goes to the cause. Feel free to pick up a brochure highlighting these various programs at our display areas.

~ H.I.S. Ministry/Missions


A Bethlehem Experience • FRI+SAT • DEC 9+10 • 5-8PM

Tuesday, 29 November, 2016

Celebrate Christmas at Bethlehem • Live Bethlehem Experience Tours • 2 Nights • FREE! • Public Invited! • Refreshments • Santa • MORE…


“But the angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.’” Luke 1: 30-31

WHAT/WHERE/WHEN: Bethlehem Lutheran Church is hosting a must-see 2016 Christmas event in West Dundee on FRI/SAT DEC 9/10th from 5-8PM. A Bethlehem Experience will proclaim the gift of our Savior in a must-experience way!

Guests will be led on 30-minute outdoor tours of 5 playlets where they’ll see the live story of the birth of our Savior. The 6th and final scene fast forwards 2000 years to today & visits a family barreling towards a point of no return. Will they celebrate Christmas 2016–or will they pack their bags?

WEATHER: TOURS ARE ALL ON SCHEDULE! This is a 30-minute outdoor tour in December on shoveled sidewalks/drives. Wear warm winter clothes/shoes/boots. In the event of a blizzard cancelation, bookmark this page for event updates. View/refresh this page before your visit. Updates will appear here and at the top of the page if event schedule changes!

PARKING: Attendants will assist with parking on 4th, Oregon and 5th streets. A new, temporary traffic pattern is planned with angled parking and roadblocks to route traffic one-way around the block. Those arriving are encouraged to be quiet and considerate of those in the churchyard in the middle of taking their tour.

MAP: Use the map in the sidebar to the right to find Bethlehem. We’re located in the red-brick church with the lighted cross right across from Graffelman Park. Our address is 401 West Main Street in West Dundee, Illinois.

ENTRANCE: Guests will be greeted at the east entrance of Bethlehem Lutheran Church and be welcomed downstairs to mingle in our Fellowship Hall and enjoy refreshments and fellowship prior to the outdoor tours.

TOURS, TREATS, SANTA & MORE? Tours will depart from the east entrance and return thru the west entrance approximately every thirty minutes. Groups returning from their journey will be welcomed downstairs again to enjoy more cookies, hot chocolate, coffee and fellowship with the people of Bethlehem. Also downstairs guests will find Santa Claus and Selfies with Santa are welcome. Non-perishable food donations for the FISH food pantry may be left under the Christmas Tree near Santa. Donations are optional and everyone of all ages is invited to attend.

WHY: A Bethlehem Experience is a one-of-a-kind, live, indoor/outdoor Christmas event. It’s designed to bring Bethlehem to life and warm some December hearts on a special little, wintery Bethlehem journey. After enjoying a handful of spiritual scenes from long ago that some may know about, everyones journey will circle back to today and visit a family facing a fate that many may also know about. Will this 2016 family fall apart or will a special encounter bless them and light the troubled path beneath their feet?

FREE! Bethlehem is looking forward to hosting this special, free and public event on December 9 and 10, 2016 between 5 and 8 p.m. Everyone’s encouraged to bring fam and friends. If you feel like helping out a hungry family in need, non-perishable food donations for the FISH food pantry will be accepted. Your donations are appreciated, generous AND 100% optional. You are 100% invited to attend either way.

SHARE! Feel free to share the word of this event via Facebook, Twitter, blogs and your ten other favorite websites and apps. And, don’t be bashful or feel unhip about telling your BFFs in person or on the phone or via email. The internet was created for more than posting pics of your lunch and cat vids!

QUESTIONS? Anyone with questions can call Bethlehem on 847-426-7311 or get answers via our Contact Us form.

WHO: We hope EVERYONE can attend our 2016 A Bethlehem Experience–our first-annual, spiritual, thought-provoking and heart-warming live Christmas journey back to the time when Jesus was born. Guests’ pilgrimage to and thru Bethlehem will end with a journey back to Bethlehem Lutheran Church–back to 2016 where many Marys, Josephs and many more of God’s children may be looking to learn more about Bethlehem, Jesus and His endless Living Water for all who thirst. Hopefully your December 9th or 10th tour will be a fun, entertaining and meaningful complement to your spiritual journey and other holiday traditions that you look forward to celebrating year after year.

MORE CELEBRATIONS? Why not plan a journey to Bethlehem December 9th and 10th to put you and your family in a wonderful Christmas mood early? If you’re planning to attend Dickens in Dundee 2016, we’re sure you’ll want to stop by Bethlehem for our Soup and Salad Luncheon, Bake Sale and Dickens of a Sale. Those are the weekend before A Bethlehem Experienceafter Dickens in Dundee–that’s when A Bethlehem Experience will be debuting our new and exciting Christmas event that you’ll want to be the first to see and enjoy. And, remember: as with any journey, those brave enough to make the trip may be treated to a little bonus surprise or two!

THANKS! Members of Bethlehem, thank you for everything you’ve done to create this first-annual, must-see, must-experience experience! This is shaping up to be yet another wonderful way to help the community celebrate Christmas at Bethlehem! Keep this special event and our special guests in your prayers and, if you’re not outside acting, make sure to stop by and bring a BFF or three to Bethlehem!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Members of the public, you are always welcome at Bethlehem–at A Bethlehem Experience, at our Christmas Concert, at Saturday/Sunday worship services or at our many other year-round events and activities at Bethlehem and throughout the community and around the world. Please visit us at either our red or yellow brick church next door. We’re one church with two churches. This means you can worship at 5:30PM Saturdays or 8AM Sundays in our red-brick church for Traditional Worship or join us at 10:30AM in our yellow-brick church for our contemporary worship in The Well featuring live music by The Messengers.

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EVENTS: This holiday season, we also have many special ways to help you and your family celebrate Christmas; these are ones you’ll want to put in your calendars today. These are fantastic if you’d like a little break from Christmas shopping and also great if you’d like to sneak in a little extra Christmas shopping on your break! 😉


Soup & Sandwich Luncheon
and Bake Sale


Dundee Township Historical Society
Dickens of a Sale (at Bethlehem)


A Bethlehem Experience


Bethlehem Christmas Concert
(Refreshments Afterwards)

7PM & 11PM

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services


Christmas Day Service


New Year’s Eve Worship


New Year’s Day Worship


November 2016 News

Tuesday, 29 November, 2016



Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.02.06 PMThe Women of Bethlehem will be celebrating this Christmas at noon on Thursday, December 8. A light lunch will be served followed by “White Elephant BINGO” which is always loads of laughs! Please bring a wrapped gift for BINGO and Google “White Elephant” if you’re clueless about the game or gift examples (something you surprisingly own and something you not-so-surprisingly can part with). All women of Bethlehem are invited to come and bring a friend.


DEC18, 4PM • 401 W MAIN

Know anyone who loves Christmas and live Christmas music? Refreshments will served afterwards, downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. Please feel free to invite family, neighbors and friends to this concert which is always a joyful event! Check back here for more concert details soon!



giving tree newsletter Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.01.54 PM

H.I.S. (Hearts In Service) Ministry is once again sponsoring Bethlehem’s Christmas Giving trees. Please stop by either tree in either church for details on how to pick a name and help surprise someone with developmental, physical or mental disabilities or others who have suffered trauma or are at risk. Thank you for all your generous donations every year and making many Christmas wishes come true once again!



The Community Crisis Center–Elgin began in 1975 as a grassroots effort to address the reality that women in crisis often had few options available to them to improve their situations. CCC provides services to individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness and other life crises.

All services are provided at no cost for their clients except for their Abuse Intervention Program. Service area includes northern Kane and far Northwest Suburban Cook Counties and portions of DuPage and McHenry Counties.

~H.I.S. Ministry/Missions


October 2016 News

Saturday, 8 October, 2016


Our Bethlehem Experience celebration and production is well underway! The script has been finalized and from the first rehearsal, the enthusiasm of the cast has been outstanding. Some actors are “off book” and others are very close. Several rehearsals have already been held and dress rehearsals took place in October. In November, each playlet is slated for a live rehearsal before the congregation so be on the lookout for those and make sure you attend to support your Bethlehem cast in being fully prepared for their live performance December 9th and 10th from 5-8PM.

Costumes are already 99% done, the tour layout plan is nearly nailed down, set designs have been drafted and started, props acquisition is well underway, lights and sound effects plans have been drafted, the kitchen is prepping for our guests plus the Dickens in Dundee crowd the week before, supporting roles from greeters to tour guides to parking attendants to Santa are all staffed, publicity shots have been taken, polished and blessed, copy for press releases has been finalized and the PR team has a comprehensive plan for getting the word out to the local community via multiple community signs, lawn signs, cards, door hangers and much more. Below are the sets, scenes and playlets that guests will be treated to as Bethlehem recreates a Bethlehem Experience To share the Living Water of Jesus Christ with all who thirst:





Dickens’ Living Window

His Star cometh


Dickens in Dundee Luncheon

Lead us to Bethlehem


Welcome to Bethlehem

Behold The Christmas Star


An Angel Visits Mary

Don’t be afraid


Future Scene

Planned for 2017


No Room at the Inn

Laid in a manger


Shepherds Hear the Good News

The first to hear…


Behold Your Savior

…and first to hold


Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Gifts for the King


Jesus is Grace, Forgiveness and Love

2016: Will they see Christmas?


Celebrate with Santa

Food pantry donations welcome


Group Photos

Bring fam & friends!

We don’t want to be spoilers but we can give you a tiny peek into the early days of the production plus the publicity shots of Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus that are on their way to news outlets, announcement cards, websites and more…

Want to see the FULL FREE SLIDESHOW? Click HERE!
Provided by


CROP WALKcrop-walk-daily-herald-article-23-sep-2016-screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-5-20-06-pm
OCTOBER 16, 12:45PM

Please talk to Pastor Jim to sign up for CROP WALK 2016! Click on the Daily Herald image to read the article and learn about the walk, who it benefits and how to donate, register or sponsor walkers. Please contact Darren Timmons on 630-222-7162 or for more details.

Did you walk this year? Did you want to see what a beautiful day and stroll thru Dundee that walkers were treated to this year? If so, check out photos from our CROP Walk Gallery below…

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We are currently collecting new and gently used children’s winter coats (ages 4-17) and knitted or crocheted scarves. Please drop off items in the box outside the Church Office by Sunday, October 16. Monetary gifts are also very much appreciated to assist with the orphanage operating expenses. Checks should be made out to: St. John’s Lutheran Church–Romania Mission. Questions? Debbie Kois 847-426-8273.



Do you have the gifts to be a Greeter or Reader? Our Pastor and Deacons’ hope and prayer is that Readers will enhance our services with more member participation and that Greeters will offer a warm welcome to “regulars” and guests and assist with any needs and direction. If you feel so led, please speak with any Deacon about signing up. Names and numbers are listed near the bulletins.



FISH logoH.I.S. (Hearts in Service) is again sponsoring a food drive for the F.I.S.H. Food Pantry in Carpentersville. Let’s share the blessings that we’ve been given and help F.I.S.H. fill up their shelves! We have grocery bags with items listed on it or you can just take a list if you’d like. Please prayerfully consider participating in this worthwhile project. If you’d rather donate money, simply place a check in the offering basket with “F.I.S.H.” written in the memo line. Please bring bags back by Sunday, October 30.



October 16

Continuing in the Faith

October 23

Relating to God and Others

October 30

Reformation Sunday (Saved by Grace)

November 6

All Saints Day



Bethlehem’s Care Ministry is here to offer support through hospital and home visitations, card ministry, shut-in ministry and more. The Care Ministry works with congregation volunteers to make and deliver meals and offer transportation to and from the hospital, home care and other locations. Do you or do you know anyone in need of Care? Please contact Darren Timmons on 630-222-7162 or Volunteers, please use the sign-up sheets if you’d like to help.



SThe Salvation Army Corps Community Center located on Douglas Avenue in Elgin is one of more than 20 corps centers throughout the metropolitan division. Corps community centers are the heart and soul of The Salvation Army and are centers of learning, worship and service. They are the entry point for people in need. They assist with feeding families, paying rent and utility bills and providing educational and recreational programs for people of all ages, counseling, worship and more.

Programs and services offered by the centers are tailored to the needs of each local community. All corps community centers have something to offer to people of all ages. While people from all socio-economic backgrounds may receive aid from The Salvation Army, a special commitment is made to the most vulnerable individuals and families with limited resources and access to services. -H.I.S. Ministry/Missions


September 2016 News

Saturday, 8 October, 2016


“Operation Sweet Tooth” was started by Diane and Roger Ahrens of Piece-A-Cake Bakery in East Dundee to let our military men and woman know they are not forgotten. Diane and Roger served in the U.S. Marines and remember what it feels like to receive a package from home and those who care. Diane notes, “It has been 12 years since the beginning when God placed it on my heart to support and encourage our troops by sending cookies for them to share and remind them that we know they are in harm’s way on our behalf.”

Since then over 6 tons of cookies have been sent to individuals at the request of family and friends and also on her own to USO facilities. One of them currently receiving 6 boxes a month is the Pat Tillman USO Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. Each box weighs approximately 10 pounds and contains an average of 100 individually wrapped cookies so they can be shared. Favorite deliveries include sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, oatmeal peanut butter and Rice Krispies treats. Customers are not charged for the cookies sent but are asked for shipping donations.

-H.I.S. Ministry/Missions



Thank you for the donations of crayons and colored pencils. We have plenty to add to our boxes and no longer need these items. Thank you! I am now requesting toothbrushes (adult and child size along with travel-size toothpaste, any flavor). If anyone is able to purchase toothbrushes and toothpaste for our boxes it would be greatly appreciated. Grocery bags labeled SUNDAY SCHOOL OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD are located at both churches for your donations. If it is easier. we will gladly accept cash or check donations and we will purchase the items. Contact Karen Lawson at or call 847-975-1913. As always, that you for your support!



If you have children living away from home or attending college, please give their email and “snail mail” address to Karen on 847-426-7311 or