About Bethlehem

Bethlehem Lutheran Church is a longstanding Lutheran church located in West Dundee, Illinois. Our church has embraced a vision of truly being a Christ-focused, community-driven congregation. With our church’s rich history, Bethlehem has always been a spiritual centerpiece in the community. Ultimately it has been the caring relationships that have developed both within the church and outside our red brick walls that have shown time and again the true power of Christ’s love.

Our congregation dates back more than 150 years and our church more than 100, with its establishment in 1909. The community at large and Bethlehem have always gone together hand in hand. Over the years, we have been blessed to be the home to countless baptisms, weddings, celebrations, and of course, the miraculous work by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ blessing the many lives of those in our church and community.

If you want to learn more about our church we would encourage you to check out our Mission, Vision & Values.

You can also learn more about Bethlehem’s extensive history by viewing the Bethlehem Lutheran Church History page.

If you are a new member considering Bethlehem as your home church, we are honored. We would love to have the opportunity to worship with you, help you with your walk with Christ, and embrace you as part of the life-changing community we know as Bethlehem.

At Bethlehem, we help many in need through our many ministries. For example we have ministries knitting hats for newborns, sewing & filling Christmas stockings for soldiers overseas, assisting those struggling to feed their children or aiding those with mental and physical disabilities to name just a few. You may find yourself wanting to become part of one of these but, if not, that is OK too. For more Ministries and Missions information, please see that section of our site.

We think you will like Bethlehem’s variety of worship days, times and styles and we think you will quickly feel at home here. If you prefer a traditional service, we have that for you. If you prefer a contemporary service with a live band to complement your worship, we have that option for you as well. We have Bethlehem members ranging from youngsters being baptised to those celebrating nearly the same birthdays as our century-old church.

At Bethlehem you won’t be a number, lost in a sea of people and pews. If you visit us, please take a second if you’d like to introduce yourself so we can say “Hi!” and welcome you, get to know you a little bit better and, again, say thank you for joining us one time or for considering us possibly as your future church home.

And, please, if you enjoyed your visit or you were spiritually uplifted, consider telling family or friends who you feel might also want “To share the Living Water of Jesus Christ with all who thirst.” That’s Bethlehem’s Mission and what we strive for at all of our services.

Of course, Bethlehem’s doors are open to all people from all walks of life, no matter where you may be on your path with Jesus. We welcome all members and visitors each week with open arms, open hearts and open minds, and we hope you find Bethlehem’s open doors this Saturday or Sunday to light your spiritual path ahead and quench your spiritual thirsts.



You’ll find The Well right next door to and just west of our original, century-old red brick church on Main Street in West Dundee. The Well is inside our yellow brick church known as the Bethlehem Community Ministry Center (BCMC). Our mission is “To share the Living Water of Jesus Christ with all who thirst” and The Well is named with that mission in mind.

While our red brick church is used for Saturday and Traditional Sunday morning 8 a.m. Services, The Well is used on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. for our Contemporary Worship. The Well Worship features timely sermon topics, Bible readings relevant in today’s world, ample Sunday-morning seating, a stage with room for a ten-member live band (or full choir or Sunday School program), modern audio/visual equipment and elevated monitors displaying on-screen lyrics, slideshows, videos and more.

Our church band, The Messengers, plays live, contemporary music throughout our 10:30 a.m. Worship on Sundays at The Well and is continually adding to their repertoire of hundreds of songs to complement service each week. If there’s a certain song (or anything else) that you think would really complement an upcoming service, please feel free to suggest it to anyone on the worship team, contact the office or use the contact-us form on this website 7×24.

The Messengers play at The Well and also perform nearby during special outdoor services, special events and concerts such as our annual Christmas concert, Easter Concerts, Rally Day, etc. If you’d like a free copy of The Messenger’s CD, please stop by our 10:30 service at The Well to hear us live and get your free CD. And if you are looking forward to a new CD, let us know how to contact you; plans are in the works to produce a new CD or DVD that includes covers and originals and possibly a video message from Pastor Jim and more so stay tuned for that in 2016/2017.

A childcare service staffed by volunteers is in the planning stages for the 10:30 a.m. service at The Well. We are working to staff and resume this childcare service again in our existing childcare space so that new parents will also be able to attend worship while their little ones enjoy some supervised playtime nearby.

We hope you can join us at The Well this Sunday “To share the Living Water of Jesus Christ with all who thirst.”

And, to help meet this mission, The Messengers are also planning upcoming performances outside of The Well walls to help share the Living Water with those who thirst but who have only driven by The Well and haven’t joined us inside yet. Plans are in the works for The Messengers to perform live contemporary music including original songs at local community events, special Bethlehem events in the churchyard such as cook-outs where the public is invited, at concerts in the park on the gazebo stage across the street and more in and around Dundee.

Although The Messengers typically perform every Sunday at The Well, on occasion we invite guest musicians or vocalists to perform at The Well as well as having us perform at other churches and benefits. Please contact the band or worship team at any service or call the Bethlehem Church Office if you have a sporting event, community event or church event where you feel The Messengers could help share The Living Water and we’ll let you know if we can help with your function as we’ve helped with others in the past. If you are interested in us bringing The Well to you, let’s talk!

Within The Well we also host the annual Sunday School Christmas Program in December, special Bethlehem Choir performances to complement select services and other programs and performances that benefit from the stage, mics and modern sound and audio-visual equipment.

The churchyard between BCMC & our red brick church is the planned site for Bethlehem’s first annual Christmas Experience in December 2016. This series of scenes with live actors, costumes, sets, sound effects & lighting is being fashioned to be a new, special Christmas-themed event designed to share The Living Water with those looking for a unique, guide-led tour of performances highlighting the true origins and meaning of Christmas focusing on the time Jesus was born and its importance to everyone every day today.

The Bethlehem Choir is planning to perform live Christmas music at this event while everyone else plays other important roles in this big Bethlehem special Christmas event. You won’t want you and your family to miss this new Bethlehem Christmas tradition whether you worship at The Well, in our red brick church or if you haven’t visited us ever before but want to get a little taste of what Christmas means at Bethlehem.

Maybe you have children who you’d like to teach about our Savior’s birth? Maybe Bethlehem’s guided tour & live performances would help? Maybe a visit to The Well or our churchyard in early December can give you a meaningful Christmas experience with your family plus a helpful teaching tool if all your children know about Christmas is that it’s a time to make a big wish list of expensive gifts to receive? Maybe, like the wise men visiting Bethlehem, they too can learn that Christmas is not about wishing for better cellphones & game consoles. The biggest Christmas gift of all is free and we hope you and your family join us at The Well and for Bethlehem’s Christmas Experience this December.

In 2006 we purchased the BCMC property from a neighboring congregation to expand our ministry facilities and it has expanded our Worship options, our churchyard space for community events such as the new Bethlehem Christmas Experience and much more. We now use both churches to conduct Saturday and Sunday Worship services and now offer both Traditional and Contemporary Services styles to cater to a variety of Bethlehem members.

A special team is working on The Well and is currently redesigning the space, layout, features and seating to match our mission to share The Living Water. The team is tasked with engaging all the senses of all who attend and creating a much more modern and flexible environment that can be changed to meet special needs of each service, event or function.

The new space will be tailorable to host a variety of Bethlehem services and functions from a theater-in-the-round style worship to a memorable baptism at The Well to a Sunday School and Messengers concert to a Passover Meal seated around tables to a Movie Night, Youth Lock-in or Craft Tables at Vacation Bible School. In the new and improved space at The Well you will be able to see, touch, and hear The Living Water and much more.

In addition to The Well’s Contemporary Worship services and plans to significantly improve our Worship space, the BCMC has additional space which allows us to also host Cherished Place, an adult day care ministry operated by Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights. If you wish to contact Cherished Place about their services for yourself or a family member or friend, their phone number is: 847-586-5770.

The BCMC also houses The Children’s Place, a Montessori school. If you’d like to speak with them about your child being a part of their program, they can be reached on 847-426-3570.